Brisbane, Australia-based new artist GLYPHS has won us over with his hazy instrumentals and hip-hop influenced beats that make for a unique tropical sound that’s perfect for your next “chill out” playlist. He manages to find the perfect balance of soothing atmospherics, sway-inducing beats, and easy going melodies that you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again. The next time you find yourself feeling the need to escape, drift off into the intoxicating instrumentals of GLYPHS.



Airy atmospherics and wobbling blasts of synths draw you in to his wonderfully dreamlike track, “Fade Away.” Soon a clap-filled beat and swirling electronic elements are introduced as the track takes on a warm and soothing vibe that will make you feel like you’re sprawled out on a faraway island. Coming it at just over 3 minutes in length, there is no room left for filler— just bliss.



“Secrets” is off of his upcoming collaborative EP, Repair, which also features vocalist Joshua Williams. The track has a playful vibe as it features tropical-influenced wind instruments, fuzzy bass, and uplifting percussion that feels like a warm blast of sunshine. Williams' hazy vocals fit the easy-going melody perfectly, while making it easy to adhere to his wishes as he asks you, “tell me all your deepest secrets/ come on put trust in me/ I wont tell anyone, I promise.” Things briefly wind down after the 2:15 mark as winding beats and slow-claps demand your full undivided attention before allowing you to get lost once more in the track’s slow-grooving feel.

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