If you were lucky enough to be born with a last name as bad ass sounding as GOLDCHAIN (the definition of #blessed, am I right guys?), then you too would be happy to use that as your music-making moniker. Toronto-native Michael Goldchain aka GOLDCHAIN is a brand-new producer who is already stirring up some major buzz in the music blogosphere with his debut single, “No Sleeping Now.” We here at BitCandy were instantly blown away by the track’s blissfully light and airy feel that would serve as a perfect soundtrack for your upcoming warm summer nights. Read on to see why Goldchain is on his way to becoming one of your favorite new producers.



After pressing play and getting settled into “No Sleeping Now,” you might be wondering, “is that Ellie Goulding’s vocals?” And yes, you are totally right. He chops up her milky signature vocals which was the perfect choice for this uplifting and well-crafted track. As you listen on, you’re met with playful beats, bubbling arpeggios, and sparkling electronics that work together to create a seriously magical listening experience. In a age where a lot of electronic music is going for gloomy and moody vibes (which hey—is totally awesome,) it’s always refreshing to hear a solid future-bass track with a feel-good laid back feel. We can’t wait to hear what the young producer releases as a follow up single, but after hearing what he did with “No Sleeping Now,” we’re sure it’s going to be great!

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