Out of the depths of Detroit comes the singer-songwriter duo, Gosh Pith. Besides having a band name that is totally lisp-inducing (just try saying it out loud and you’ll see what I mean), band members Josh Freed and Josh Smith are creating some well-deserved buzz with their innovative sound they call “cosmic-trap/ high-pop/ blues.” Yeah, I wasn’t too sure I knew what that meant either, but after you give their music a listen it will all start to make sense. Their unique and dreamy sound is experimental but with a catchy pop flare, allowing their music to stick with you long after you listen.



Opening with a beat that’s packed full of hi-hats and booming bass, “Waves” is a down tempo pop track that quickly grabs your attention and holds onto you throughout. You’re soon met with soothing vocals that are truly enchanting, and with lyrics like “waves will guide you home,” it’s impossible not to get lost in this track. After about a minute in, you’re introduced to loud guitars and moody atmospherics which carry the track throughout the rest of its duration, leaving you wanting to press “replay” instantly.



“Smoke Below” is a little on the hip hop side of things, as singer Josh Smith sing-raps over a skittering, 808 drum beat and frantic-sounding guitar samples that will instantly put you in a relaxed mood. The low-key track has a relatively hazy vibe to it, mostly thanks to the sparse (but effective) swelling synths and Smith’s soothingly alluring vocal work and lyrics. The track is a wonderful blend of modern hip-hop and experimental indie-pop, showcasing their knack for songwriting and production. I can’t wait to hear what they do next!

Since I’m sure you liked what you heard, head on over to Gosh Pith’s Facebook page and give them a “like.” And last but not least, I’d like to thank Curator, Higgins, for sharing this awesome new duo with us!


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