New wave duo Haunt would have been a perfect fit for the ‘Donnie Darko’ soundtrack…except for the fact that they didn’t come into existence until just recently. The Los Angeles-based duo is still so new that we don’t really know much about them yet, except that their fashionably unsearchable band name is perfectly fitting for their moody synth-drenched sound. If you’re a fan of artists like M83 or Echo & The Bunnymen, or you’re just looking for some music to wind down to as the cold weather approaches, then we highly suggest you read on to see why we’re digging the sounds of Haunt.



“Video Dreams” is a warm and euphoric synth-filled journey that will leave you feeling nostalgic and nicely relaxed. 80s’-influenced synths carry the track throughout its duration, as it continues to build until the chorus finally hits at the 1:13 mark as he sings, “I think of you constantly/ even though you don’t know my name” over throbbing bass. From there on out, the throbbing synth-bass and subtle extra electronic elements are added in while the lethargic vocals croon “stuck in these dreams.” The little spoken-word break down after the 2:45 mark serves as a nice way to break things up and it totally reminds me of something M83 would do. All in all, “Video Dreams” is a delightfully mellow pop song that you can’t help but love.



“Blinds” shows off a different side of the duo, as it’s a somewhat stripped down piano-driven ballad with nothing but vocals and a steady drum beat to carry it along. The hazy vocals will make you feel like you’ve drifted off into a comforting day dream, as he sings “I will never fade away/ we’ll shine brighter than yesterday,” making for a nice little bonus track that is totally worth checking out.



“Desire” is easily my favorite track of theirs, as it grabbed me right away with its pulsating bass-synths and unexpectedly uplifting chorus. When the chorus first hits just before the 1:00 mark, soaring electronics come in that give off an almost bubbly, underwater feel that I absolutely love.

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