Henry Green’s upcoming EP is called Slow and I cannot think of a more apt title. It’s everything we love about sparse, downtempo chillout music with dreamy, whispered vocals over the top. The solo artist from Wiltshire plays live shows with a full band, but for all intents and purposes, it’s all Green. 

"You" is warm and hazy, with barely touched guitars and ghostly pads over almost droning basses.  The sweet, tender lyrics and affecting vocals walk the line between teenage crush and complicated love affair. It’s perfect lazy day in the sheets music.



"Barcelona" has a deep resonating kick along with familiar snaps and clicks. The guitars are bit more pronounced here with a certain haunting twang that lingers in the mind. I hesitate to say that "Barcelona" has more content than "You," but it certainly feels “meatier.” Perhaps lyrically, there is less space here. I think people will respond to this track more than the others; there’s a distinct Sade on cough syrup vibe here that I really enjoy.



Henry Green does little to differentiate from a lot of other minimal electronic artists out there. But considering that Green is only 19, there’s a lot of room to grow and innovate, and his music already has a dignified, mature sound. Fans will certainly be rewarded for keeping an eye on Mr. Green’s progress. Thanks to curator Pavit B for this interesting find.