Besides having a fashionably inconspicuous band name that you have to admit is pretty great, HER is a new French duo that have been creating a name for themselves with their sensual dark pop sound. Band members Victor and Simon only have two songs released so far, “Five Minutes” and “Quite Like,” and they’re packed with dancey guitars and groovy bass lines to keep you swaying in your chair. For fans of attitude-driven indie rock acts like The Kills or The Knife, you definitely have to check out the infectious sounds of Her.



“Five Minutes” instantly grabs a hold of you as punchy snaps, slow-grooving bass lines, and blasts of guitar suck you in to the track. “All I need is five minutes,” they repeat (five minutes of what? We have our theories) as sophisticated electronics and layered vocals build in intensity. I especially love what happens at the 2:24 mark when everything becomes eerily calm before the awesomely distant guitar solo comes in to bring you back into the heart of the track. It’s a solid single that is the perfect blend of sassy and catchy.



“Quite Like” is an undeniably sexy track with lyrics that any girl would secretly love to hear sung to her. Lyrics like “I quite like your hair/ I quite like your eyes/ I quite like your breasts when you undress,” keep your attention throughout its duration, while booming bass sets the dark and sexy tone. I was instantly drawn to the skittering beat that hits after the 0:50 mark, while subtle synths, bass, and lonely guitar notes make for a slow-grooving track that you’ll find yourself totally obsessed with. After hearing both “Five Minutes” and “Quite Like,” it’s clear that these guys know how to write a solid break down. Things get extra stripped-down after the 3:30 mark as their sensual croon is carried over static-filled keys that make for a strong ending.

If you’re anything like us here at BitCandy, you are now totally obsessed with these two tracks and want more! Show Her your support by liking their Facebook page, and head on over here for even more awesome new music!


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