With a name like Hero, this Calgary, Canada-based new artist may be a little hard to google, but he will instantly grab your attention with his honest lyrics and innovative production that you'll find in his unique and genre-bending style. Read on to discover his mix of alternative R&B and electronica that creates an invigorating and hypnotic sound that we’re super excited to share with you.



After listening to “She Will Always Let You Down,” I think it’s pretty safe to guess that Hero has been burned in the relationship department one too many times. The track begins with electronics that walk the line between sounding throbbing and wobbly, and eventually a winding, tick-filled beat is introduced that makes way for his pained vocals. With lyrics like “believe her lies/ and that shit is on you,” and “I don’t really know why I do it to myself,” it’s a track that a lot of guys could probably relate to when it comes to being hurt by a toxic relationship. The track leads you towards the ending as the electronics fade along with his apathetic vocals, making for a solid and thought-out track.



“No Basic” shows off another side of Hero as it seems to be more playful and experimental than “She Will Always Let You Down,” and I totally love it. Spacey electronics and a fast-paced ticking beat lead you in as the intensity starts to build before dropping just before the 1:00 mark. Because there are so many slight changes throughout the track’s duration, it easily manages to keep your full attention throughout as you run into everything from space age synths, bouncing synth-bass, and various beats to keep it fresh as you hear a sampled robotic voice declare, “no basic.” My favorite moment has to be right after the 3:00 mark when sparkling robotic arpeggios are thrown into the mix that kick things up a notch. It’s an awesome future-trap track that you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again.

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