From South London comes the super mysterious, 21-year old Huntar. We don’t know his real name, or what he looks like, really, but who needs all that information when his music can speak for itself? Besides being an awesome electronic producer, he’s also a singer with a ultra-seductive set of pipes. His blend of haunting electronic elements and R&B-style vocals create a truly innovative and moody alt-pop sound that you’ll definitely want to check out.



You’ll instantly fall in love with this perfectly moody, sensual track. “All That I Want” showcases Huntar’s breathy, soulful vocals as he sings Beyonce-like lines such as, “We woke up on the kitchen floor/ You told me we’ve been here before…baby I want you some more” (What? Tell me that didn’t instantly make you think of “Drunk In Love!” No? Never mind…). It’s a slow-paced, atmospheric love song featuring a beat consisting of lots of click-y hi-hat action. It's simply an awesome alternative R&B track that I can’t get enough of.



“Expectations” is a bass-heavy track that creates a unique vibe with his overlapping, layered vocals that really steal the spotlight. The music itself is minimalist, as it begins being mostly gigantic hits of bass and subtle electronic elements. Things begin to get more intense around the 2:30 mark, as piano is thrown into the mix and the beat becomes more of a hard-hitting “thump.”



I totally love the vocal melody on this track, especially when it mixes in with the moody beat that comes in around the 0:30 mark. Things really take off once the chorus hits, as he croons, “Oooh you’re calling out my name.” But just when you’re settling into the R&B vibe, you’re hit with a burst of electronic elements that remind you that you’re listening to a Huntar track, and that you’re in for lots of pleasant surprises like the bass-heavy, electro-break down around the 2:25 mark. It's really well done, and proves that this guy knows what he’s doing.

After hearing Huntar’s cutting-edge sound, you should totally show the guy your love and support by giving his Facebook page some more “likes!” And if you need even more new music in your life, then head on over here.


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