Riding the line between uneven, glitchy tech step and midtempo house, Insightful creates strange soundscapes that are simultaneously very groove worthy. Indeed, there are many layers to Insightful’s sound and one would not be in the wrong for enjoying him at any level.

“Moth Mother” is the best example of Insightful’s unique approach, showing influences of Burial but also a lot of early ‘90s DJs, with big, room filling kicks and high hats. Floating above the beat are little flits of distorted vocals and echoed effects, and I feel that I’ve perhaps wandered into a ghost rave of some kind. 



“Creamy Dreams” begins with a little bit of horror synth, still staying with the jangly Burial/Flying Lotus thing but also visiting the land of synthesizer soundtracks. It’s a big, spooky song and probably my personal favorite. Ethereal pads call out to the beyond while cymbals clang together as if played by angry poltergeists. The beat is as unrelenting as a panicked heartbeat and the overall effect is wonderfully ominous.



“The Loyalist” incorporates some mournful, jazzy horns into the formula of big kicks plus jangly samples. Some live drumming and sparse organs, with a powerful synth build toward the end lend greatly to the song’s atmosphere of a dark, boozy night in the city. Everything is slightly twisted and muffled and you know you should go home but you stay for one more drink. The music is sensuous but also dangerous. While it’s not my favorite, I’d say it’s objectively the best of what I’ve heard from Insightful.



Insightful has a grasp of many things at once and while he shares his influences with some less than creative projects, creativity is not something he struggles with. There’s a lot to digest in the music and one can get lost very easily while picking up all the different elements and textures at work. While I enjoy the different styles and directions Insightful goes, I would like to see him explore one avenue more completely. Depth is definitely not a problem for Insightful.