Ex-New Navy bandmates James Chave-Dubois and Ben McInerney are making music together again in the new indie pop duo, Islandis (not to be confused with popular indie band ISLANDS). The Sydney-based duo have just released their sun-drenched debut single, “Home,” and it’s a laid back tropical-infused track that has us eager to hear their upcoming EP. They describe their sound as “nostalgia and anticipation rolled into a single emotion,” and once you listen it all somehow makes sense. If you’re a fan of light and airy indie pop like Belle and Sebastian, then read on to discover one of our favorite new bands, Islandis.



“Home” will make you fall in love instantly, as it feels like a warm Summer kiss no matter how cold it may be. Sparkling keys, shimmering guitars, groovy bass lines and hand claps make for an uplifting vibe, while their light and airy vocals add the perfect calming touch. Once the chorus hits just before one minute in, you’ll find yourself swaying back and forth and humming along to the blissful melody. Things get extra magical when sparkling chimes hit just after the 2:00 mark, before building drums and haunting “oohs” swell back into the easy-going chorus.

If you’re any this like us, then I’m sure you can’t wait to hear more from Islandis to get your indie-pop fix. To be the first to hear updates on their upcoming EP, be sure to show them your support by “liking” their Facebook page. And if you need even more BitCandy-approved new music in the meantime, head on over here!

And lastly, thanks to our very awesome Curator, Duffster, for sharing this awesome new band with us!


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