Rising new artist JAHKOY is a Toronto-based triple threat that we can’t get enough of. The future R&B singer/songwriter/producer is stirring up major buzz with his self-described “bipolar sound,” or as we describe it— a refreshing blend of R&B, EDM, house, and electronica, while his whispery soft vocals add the perfect sensual touch. Once you hear his latest tracks “Still In Love” and “Hold Your Hand,” you’ll be completely smitten.



“Still In Love” serves as a great introduction to his genre-bending sound, as it’s a wonderfully dreamy track that sucks you in from the very beginning. Pulsating bass and a slow and steady beat kick things off as warming atmospherics and sparkling synths give the track an intoxicating space age-vibe. When the chorus first hits at the 1:07 mark I can’t help but focus all my attention on the soft bubbling electronics and his ridiculously smooth vocals as he repeats “still in love/ still in love with you.” The break down at the 2:22 mark helps switch things up and makes you feel like you're floating under water. It’s easily one of my favorite tracks of his and you’ll find yourself coming back to it again and again.



I feel like this what Justin Bieber wishes he sounded like— “Hold Your Hand” is a light and airy dance track that’s an easy going blend of hip hop and house. A skittering beat and soothing bass lines make way for the electric guitar riffs that add the perfect amount of energy to the track. His vocals are smooth and breathy as he declares, “I want to hold your hand,” and you won't be able to resist.



“Let It Be” is a quick-building house track that will have you moving in no time. Fast paced bubbly beats and bright synths keep the energy high throughout its almost 4 minute duration, while his urgent vocals confess his undying love for someone special. It’s a super fun track that shows off his playful side.

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