Australia seems to be cranking out hot new acts like crazy lately, and newcomer Jarryd James is the fresh new face that the pop world needs right now. The Brisbane-based singer-songwriter has been creating buzz with his genre-bending pop songs that take on an alternative and original R&B style. No matter what you’re into, chances are you’ll instantly fall for his refreshing and cutting-edge sound.



“Do You Remember?” is his debut single, and serves as a great introduction to his sound as it proves he’s not your everyday indie rock singer-songwriter. The track takes on a darker R&B vibe with its pounding beat and intensely plucked guitar that is wonderfully hypnotizing. His silky smooth croon will easily captivate you as he sings “do you remember the way it made you feel?,” while the beat grows more intense throughout the track’s nearly 4 minute duration. It’s intriguing and dramatic, yet catchy enough for alternative radio.



On his follow up single “Give Me Something,” Jarryd teamed up with New Zealand producer Joel Little (Lorde) to create something a little more uplifting while still packing an emotional punch. The post-breakup anthem has a soul-pop feel full of synths, tambourine, and some perfectly breathy vocals. The track has him begging for attention with lines in the chorus like “Can I get a little bit of your attention?/ Can I get a little bit of your affection?,” and will have you humming along in no time.

Since I’m sure you liked what you heard and want more from Jarryd, head on over to his Facebook page and show him your support! And I’d like to thank Curator, Golden Wolf, for sharing this awesome new artist with us!

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