British singer-songwriter JAZZ MORLEY has cast her spell upon us here at BitCandy, and she’ll soon have the same effect on you. She lists fellow new artists like LAPSLEY and JESSIE WARE as influences, and when you hear her sultry, haunting vocals and soft electronic sound it totally makes sense. Her latest single, “Bad Love” is gaining her some well-deserved attention, and we can’t wait to share it with you now. Read on to discover your next favorite alt singer-songwriter, Jazz Morley.



“Bad Love” is her latest offering, and according to the track’s SoundCloud description, it’s “about the insecurity and jealously that comes with new love; the heady cocktail of exciting romance mixed with the fear of being burned.” It’s a totally real and relatable concept that is refreshing to hear addressed in a song— Lyrics like “how can I get through this?” and “I don’t think I’m ready for this going steady but I love you bad” perfectly express the conflicting feelings of a new relationship. Soothing keys, calming atmospherics, and bubbling soft production keep you hooked throughout its duration.



“Set Her Free” leads you in with piano and Morley’s soft and smokey vocals that eventually layer into a warm and emotional whirlwind that feels like being wrapped in a cuddly blanket. Light and airy production hits shortly after the 1:00 mark, before guitars, claps, and subtle but effective electronics help the intensity build. Even the lyrics are ridiculously peaceful, with lines like “set her free/ release my body.” The track keeps a soothing, almost ambient vibe through its 4:12 duration, making it the perfect addition to your “Chill Out” playlists.

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