Munich-based producer, Justin Faust, has been creating some buzz with his refreshing nu-disco sound (or according to his Facebook page, “panda swag/bro synths/ feta-step…but I’m not sure I know what that means) and infectious remixes. His music is packed with 80’s-sounding synths, retro bass lines, and house beats that make for some seriously groovy tracks. If you’re into Daft Punk, Cut Copy, or just need more dance-inducing music in your life, then Faust is definitely one artist you do not want to pass up!


Serving as the title track to his full length album, “Spellbound” totally lives up to its title as it’s enchanting right from the start. The disco-house track is driven by a pounding, tropical-sounding beat and a bass line that creates a awesomely retro and groovy vibe. There’s even 80’s-inspired synths and laser beams thrown into the mix to make for a truly fun track that will get you on the dance floor in no time.


Beginning with nothing but a beat, “Girl Talk” totally takes you by surprise once the bright 80’s synths slowly ease their way into this bouncy track. Sampling Network’s track, “I Need You,” things really take off about 0:50 seconds in when you’re hit with a funky bass line, claps, and everything needed to make for a super uplifting and melodic experience. “Girl Talk” will easily have you moving throughout its entire duration and it’s definitely one of my favorites.



Faust also made a name for himself by creating some seriously awesome remixes of songs like Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You” or Childish Gambino’s “Heartbeat.” I especially love what he did with Young Summer’s electropop ballad, “Leave Your Heart.” Leaving the vocals relatively untouched, Faust’s addition of a bouncier beat, uplifting synths, and various electronic elements give the track a whole new poppy flare that I can’t get enough of.

Show him your support by “liking” his Facebook Page and checking out his album, Spellbound, which is out now on Portugal’s DiscoTexas.


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