The world may not know much yet about mysterious Chicago-based new artist KAY FRESCO, but we do know that he’s making some seriously awesome chilled-out instrumentals that we will totally be adding to our lazy Sunday playlists. According to his SoundCloud page you can find him “somewhere over the clouds,” and that is totally where you’ll imagine yourself while listening to his blissful originals and unique remixes.



The young producer works some serious magic with his chilled-out remix of SUBLAB’s “So In Love.” He takes the <a href=“">the original's</a> Zero 7 reminiscent style and turns it into a slow-grooving, bass-heavy track that’s simply intoxicating. The barely-there vocals add a ghostly vibe, while menacing bass lines and a slow and steady beat carry you through the track’s 3 minute duration. Things take a break just before the 1:50 mark as sparkling keys and atmospheric static add a calming touch, before taking you back into the heart of the easy going track.



He kicks the intensity up a notch with “Tula,” as fast-ticking drum machine beats and dramatic keys guide you through the short but sweet track. The repetitive melody becomes almost hypnotizing as whispery electronic elements sweep you away.



“All I Need” shows us a totally different side of Káy, as sugary sweet J-pop vocal samples make for an unexpectedly uplifting track that PC MUSIC would totally approve of. Shimmering synths and a clap-filled beat guide you in, before playful and almost bubbly electronics hit at the 0:28 mark. I love the key-filled break down that hits about half way through, as it breaks things up and adds a warm touch to the laid back track.

Check out KAY FRESCO’s SoundCloud for even more material, and follow him on Twitter to see what he’s up to next! And whenever you need some more BitCandy-approved new music in your life, don't forget to head on over here.


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