Summer is right around the corner and everyone’s scrambling to refresh their house party playlists one more time. Because when the smell of citrus intoxicates the air and sunkissed bodies get ready to groove, no one wants to jog their old Flo Rida and Darude memories. It’s a season of fresh beginnings and there’s nothing better than letting young blood work its magic in making your sonic slice of summer taste sweeter.

Luckily, we stumbled upon an uber-talented 20-year old French musician named Kazy Lambist to make our summer playlists brighter. Thanks to BitCandy curator Pavit B for sharing this awesome new discovery with us!

Although this young upstart is quite the enigma, he lets the music do his talking (and boy can his music do some talking!).

It’s surprising to see such melodic maturity and multi-genre playboy talents in an artist who is only at the beginning of his bright career. However, it’s not surprising to see dozens of his contemporaries remixing his work. They’re all catchier than the clap, and every DJ wants to be groovier than thou and create their own dance frenzies at summer block parties.

dallas boogie dance

The title track of Kazy Lambist’s EP, “Doing Yoga,” has an infectious charm of sensuality and style that effortlessly drifts between pop, hip-hop, funk, and soul. Needless to say, you’ll be bobbing your head to the breezy, creamy-dreamy downtempo chill beats that will leave you tapping the replay button with just as much enthusiasm as you use to tap booties in shady nightclubs.



I'd hit that

Kazy Lambist also shows a strong knack for remixing tracks by artists from a variety of genres in his own signature style. His remixes for Notorious BIG’s “Bullshit and Party” and Sarah Blasko’s “All I Want” are a testament to his diverse production talents.

If his new EP, Doing Yoga, is anything to go by, it looks like this French upstart is going to be one of the best summer sensations to have made his way into the indie scene in a long time.