Everyone here at BitCandy is totally smitten by the sounds of Missouri-based vocalist/producer, Khai. The electro-soul artist just released his brand new EP, If You, and it’s packed full of completely enchanting synth-led instrumentation and some seriously dreamy vocals that prove he is here to stay.



“Do You Go Up” is a super smooth slow-grooving track that you’ll instantly become obsessed with. A soft, heart-thumping beat carries the track along with soothing atmospherics to go along with his delicate vocals. The chorus completely captivates you when it first hits at the 0:52 mark as he sings “do I make waves in your body, love?/ do you get high/ is it just too much?”. The spacey synth-heavy instrumental makes it easy to drift off into a state of calm as the track continues, making the magical burst of chimes at the end the perfect goodbye.



Khai teamed up with producer Gold Dash on his dreamy cover of Bjork’s already enchanting 1997-classic, “All Is Full Of Love.” His delicate vocal tone is the perfect fit for this track, as a static-heavy beat and lonesome keys carry the song throughout its duration. Once you hit the 1:45 mark, you can tell that you are about to stumble upon the track’s breaking point. The intensity builds as an electronic whirlwind winds and winds until hitting an unexpected dub step-style break down at the 2:40 mark which is a great way to put an original spin on the track. Things get even crazier after the 3:00 mark until finally falling back into the track’s wonderfully calming style. Khai and Gold Dash managed to take an alternative-pop classic and morph it into something that’s all their own.

Since I’m sure you loved what you heard and want more from Khai, head on over to his Facebook page and give him some likes! And lastly, if you need more BitCandy-approved new music like this, click here.


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