Kidä (kid-eh?) is a solo artist from Los Angeles that puts the “r&b” in experimental r&b or the “soul” in future soul, which are both hashtags you’ll see on her Soundcloud page, and on a lot of others too. What makes Kidä worth listening to is there’s actual content to the music as opposed to sparse electronics and breathy flitters of vocals here and there.

"Diälogue" right away establishes a full, busy, but unobtrusive beat over which Kidä breathes sensual, vulnerable, clever, sassy vocals. She asks, “do you speak the language of the trees/do you feel that weakness in your knees?” It’s cosmic hippie soul music and it’s very engaging.



"Crystal Ball" is full of attitude and musical flourishes and I think this could and should be her first single. The line “I see in my crystal ball/that you’re full of shit” could be the battle cry of a lot of broken hearted gypsies. It has that mystical hazy feel to it and Kidä’s vocals show a depth unheard in the previous track, but not necessarily range. Still I think this song is one hundred percent radio ready.



"blUuu" is soft, tropical perhaps, and showcases Kidä’s vocals a bit better than other tracks. It’s a muted, jazz lounge beat and she has moments of smooth Alicia Keys-esque melody, without the borderline yelling. It’s relaxing and definitely something you’d want to keep in your back pocket during a romantic dinner.



It’s really exciting to see an uptick in indie female solo acts and hearing Kidä only reinforces my excitement. I think in time, or with some adventurous production, we’ll see her name along with the likes of Banks and Tove Lo. I really hate to say “keep your eye on so and so,” but really though, keep your eye on Kidä.