Icelandic artist-producer Kria (stylized as KRÍA) has been perfecting her innovative electronic sound since 2012, and her brand new Low Hype EP is quickly gaining her a following. The London-based artist blends busy industrial beats, melancholy bass, and glitchy electronic elements along with her powerful vocals to create a sound that somehow manages to simultaneously feel both soothing and intense. Read on to discover an artist that’s putting a fresh new spin on the dark electronic genre.



“Low Hype” is the title track off of her new EP, and it’s a soothing and hypnotic journey that you’ll want to go on again and again. Pulsating atmospherics take shape as her ethereal vocals draw you in, before throbbing bass takes you to the 1:28 mark where things get really dark and dreamlike. The song has an interesting set of pace as everything comes to a complete stop around two minutes in. Just when you think it’s over, thumping bass and her powerful vocals suck you back in as celestial electronics subtly play in the background. It’s a captivating and stunning track that is sure to gain her praise.



“Antibody” features glitchy electronic beats that instantly give off an industrial vibe, as throbbing bass-synths and ghostly vocals take you into the heart of the track. Things get more and more glitchy while Kria asks, “is she good enough for you?” as the electronics continue to transform throughout the track’s duration, which I totally love. It’s dark, interesting, and completely beautiful.



Another track worth checking out called “Hiding” goes back and forth between sounding light and dark, as it switches between heavenly vocals with soaring synths and booming bass with snap-filled beats. This track is definitely one of my favorites as it shows off a lighter side of her sound while also keeping true to her wonderfully moody roots.

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