We know— ‘80s-influenced dance music isn’t anything new, but Toronto-based producer LA+CH is adding his seriously awesome and innovative touch to the genre. The multi-instrumentalist uses loads of synths, drum machines, and his impressive range of vocals to create music that simply makes you feel good. His sound is both sexy and insanely fun which makes it the perfect soundtrack for your next party or when you need a little pick me up on your daily commute. His ridiculously enjoyable debut album, +, is the blast of energy we all need right now, so I highly suggest you read on to discover his infectious sound.



His single “Tastey” serves as a great introduction to what La+ch is all about. His high-pitched vocals lay over ‘80s-infused synths and a hard-hitting club beat that gets you moving right from the beginning. Once the chorus hits about 1 minute in, you can’t help but fall totally in love with the song’s fun and upbeat vibe that will have you singing along with “you know I like it like that.” The music video is equally awesome as it plays up the tracks retro 8-bit sound by sucking you into an arcade game packed with super cute pixelated food items and even Pac Man himself.



“Tidal Wave” is an insane, energy-packed track that you’ll easily get sucked into. His high-pitched vocals are crazy on this track (at times it’s hard to tell what he’s saying but it’s totally fine), while the spacey synths and drum machine beat keeps it all going.



“California” is a laid-back disco-infused track that sounds like it belongs at the end of a movie with a happy ending. The track is carried by claps, keys, horns, funky bass lines, and awesomely breathy falsetto vocals. It’s a mellow track that manages to keep you swaying throughout its 4 minute duration.

Since I’m sure you loved what you heard and want more form LA+CH, be sure to “like” his Facebook page and tell him we say “hi!” And lastly, if you need even more BitCandy-approved music in your life, click here.


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