Singer-songwriter Will Cuming has been gaining attention with his self-described “enigmatic solo electronic music project” called LANKS. The Melbourne-based new artist blends beautifully crafted and intriguing electronic elements with his delicate vocal style that makes for a unique and dreamy sound. If you’re into mellow, downtempo music like Explosions In The Sky or Sigur Ros, then we highly recommend the enchanting musical styles of LANKS.



“Hold Me Closer” is a carefully crafted track that is easily one of my favorites --and I think it will be yours too. Featuring intricate instrumentation that builds in urgency throughout its duration, you’ll find yourself lost in the whirlwind of dizzying electronics, frantic drums, and sparkling guitars that give you an underwater feel. Will’s vocals are delicate and haunting as he repeats the lines, “hold me closer/ hold me like this/ hold me in the dead of night,” which give off a slight Thom Yorke-like vibe. It’s simply a fantastic track that you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again.



“Brave Man” will instantly grab you with its skittering drum machine beat and frantically plucked electric guitar that gives the track an energetic yet calming feel. The sometimes hard to distinguish vocals add a eerie punch, along with swelling atmospherics that work to compliment the static-filled electronics which grow until the track’s final moments.



“Beach Houses” is a wonderfully laid-back track with soothing vocals that make it easy to drift off into dreamland while listening. The track is carried by a lo-fi beat, intriguing flute samples, and mellow electronic elements that tie it all together. The easy-going vocal melody suits the track perfectly, and I love the addition of the female backing vocals in the latter half of the song which giv it a solid ending.

Since I’m sure you want to hear more from LANKS, be sure to “like” his Facebook page and show him your support. And last but not least, thanks to Curator, Golden Wolf, for sharing this awesome new artist with us!

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