Despite sounding very polished and like she’s been in the game for a while now, UK’s Laura Doggett is still quite mysterious and unknown. Besides recording a few songs for BBC’s Introducing Sessions, the singer/songwriter only has one song to her name, but it’s quickly stirring up a lot of buzz. I’m sure she’ll have to add more material any day now, but for now let’s get going and see what all the fuss is about with her debut, dark-pop masterpiece, “Phoenix."



Produced by the acclaimed producer SOHN, “Phoenix” has an almost minimalist feeling, featuring looping, clean piano notes and a few electronic elements that are slightly on the reverb side. Her voice is raw with hardly any effects (at least that I can tell), which I think adds to the overwhelmingly emotional personality of her deep and brooding vocals that are truly intriguing. You can tell she’s one talented gal, singing as if it’s effortless and like the words simply flow out of her mouth. If you are into artists like Banks or even Adele but want more soul and feeling, Doggett is going to be one of your favorite new artists to watch out for.



There is also a remix of the song done by Prins Thomas Diskomiks available on her SoundCloud page, which creates a whole new vibe all while keeping the emotion in her vocals. Featuring an addition of funky bass lines, a simple and punchy beat, they replace the raw piano from the original but it totally works. It’s definitely worth checking out to help tide you over until she releases more songs, because it’s good and truly feels like a totally different song.

Since I’m sure I’m not the only one who was completely enchanted by her voice and can’t wait for more, show Laura Doggett your support on her Facebook page. For more of BitCandy’s best new artists, click here.

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