We here at BitCandy have been completely smitten by London-based new artist Laurel (full name Laurel Arnell-Cullen) and her beautifully written pop songs that pack a truly epic and cinematic punch. Although the singer-songwriter has been regularly releasing material over the past couple of years, we think she is finally about to break into the mainstream arena with her latest single, “Blue Blood.” Fans of edgy female songwriters like Lana Del Rey or Regina Spektor will totally love her sound as it’s a fantastic blend of brooding electronic elements and piano-driven pop.



Her latest single “Blue Blood” is a perfect introduction to what she’s all about. Her delicate vocals ease you in along with piano and distorted backing vocals reminiscent of something Lana would do. She wastes no time messing around as things quickly begin to build with orchestral strings and heart-pounding drums that work to add even more emotional intensity. Before you know it, you’re being sucked into a darkly beautiful whirlwind full of echoey drums and menacing strings that make for a perfectly put together song that proves she knows exactly what she’s doing.



“Shells” was released just last year, and it shows off her diverse vocal abilities as she begins the song in a heart wrenching falsetto that dances over sparkling piano notes and subtle strings. Eventually things take a totally unexpected electronic turn after the 1:25 mark when urgent drum machine beats come in to turn the track into something wonderfully fresh and dramatic. With lyrics like “but does she have what you want/ does she love how I love/ is she everything you need,” it’s a heartbreaking and beautifully crafted pop-ballad that will pull on your heart strings.



"Holy Water" is also worth checking out as it's a great example of one of her more sombre songs. Although the track has some stripped down moments, it definitely grows in intensity with echoey beats and eerie backing vocals that make for a dark and beautifully produced track.

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