New experimental indie-pop duo Lewis Del Mar are turning heads with their cutting edge sound that is unlike anything out there right now. The Rockaway Beach-based boys blend super groovy percussion and roaring guitars together to create the perfect platform for their attitude-laced vocals, which is gaining them comparisons to bands like Alt-J. If you’re into both pop and indie rock and have been looking for something totally fresh and different, then read on to discover the infectious sounds of Lewis Del Mar.



Off of their upcoming EP comes the super groovy and catchy track, “Memories.” The jittery track has a crunchy feel to it as it’s packed with hard-hitting and scattered percussion, powerfully plucked acoustic guitar licks, vocals that give off a slight ‘90s alt-rock feel. After the 2:45 mark, things really pick up with fast-paced beats and plenty of “oohs” that build and build until finally breaking just as the track ends. It’s a must-hear song that really stands out.



The guys don’t mess around on “Loud (y)”, as they politely ask you to “sit the f*** down” before getting started. A fuzzy and skittering beat serves as the backbone of the track as sassy falsetto vocals draw you in. Things briefly cool down just before the 1:20 mark, as the heavy beat is left behind for whispery “oohs” and a soft spoken-word sample. Tension begins to build and you can tell something big is about to happen as a loud beat comes in which finally breaks just after the 2:00 mark. The track manages to effectively switch up the pace throughout its four minute duration, which proves that they know what they’re doing when it comes to creating a flawlessly crafted listening experience.

After hearing these tracks I’m sure you’ll want even more from Lewis Del Mar, so follow them on their Facebook page and show them some love! And if you need even more awesome new music in your life, click here.


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