Today we bring you a young singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia that is so new we don’t even know her real name yet. But we do know that what began as a guitar-driven, indie folk experiment inside her bedroom, has now grown into a full blown musical project that now incorporates electronic elements as well, creating a totally fresh and unique sound. Going by the name Little Deed, she describes her sound as “the sparse electronica of James Blake, with a hint of the true grit of the Arctic Monkeys.” She may currently only have one track to her name, “Neon,” but I think it serves an excellent introduction as its already creating some serious buzz.



With a title like “Neon,” I’ll admit that I was expecting a dancey electropop tune with big synths and pop vocals. But that isn’t the case with this track, as I was pleasantly surprised by its beautiful production and atmospheric vibe. Little Deed's vocals are raw and sultry, almost reminding me of Florence Welch but way less annoying (come on, you can admit Florence and the Machine kind of suck at times. It’s not 2011 anymore so no one will care!). Featuring piano and soft electronic beats, the track slowly builds until the 2:22 mark where the emotion climaxes. From there on out, the song gains intensity with thundering drums and fuzzy synths, until it falls back into its relaxed beginning. It’s a wonderful way to introduce herself into the music world as it showcases both her singer/songwriter and electronic sides.

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