Tokyo-based group LLLL is still relatively unknown and mysterious to American audiences, but that is quickly changing with their amazing new single, “I Feel You Fading.” The group has been making music since 2012 that’s full of dizzying electronics and sugary vocals that make for a simply magical and infectious experience, causing them to stand out from the electronic genre. They already have three EPs and one full-length album under their belt, but their latest release, Cruel, proves they are only getting better (and you can stream it for free on their SoundCloud page!). So read on to discover the hypnotic and captivating sounds of LLLL.



“I Feel You Fading” has been making its way around the blogosphere (and rightfully so!) with its electronic space-age vibe. The track features some beautifully hazy and soft vocals from Singapore-based singer Yuele that will make you feel like you’ve lost yourself in a day dream. The intensity grows and grows as more synths and urgent beats are introduced. Things take a magical turn at the 1:44 mark when a flurry of beats, arpeggios, and lasers mix together to create the total highlight of the track, before going back into its more laid-back feel. Blasts of shimmering synths and hard-hitting beats guide you towards the ending and will have you ready to press play again in no time. I love it.


LLLL - 1993

“1993” it an uplifting track with a slight tropical flare. Fast-paced beats, pitched-up vocal samples, and sparkling keys make for a totally dizzying experience that will make you feel like you need to take a second and sit down when it’s over (and that’s a good thing, by the way.) After about two minutes in, things get a little bit glitchy as you begin to feel like you’re waiting for a drop that will never come. It’s simply a ridiculously fun track that will instantly make you feel like you received a positive jolt of energy.

Since I’m sure you’re totally in love with their music by now, head on over to their Facebook page and show them some support! And if you need even more BitCandy-approved new music in your life, click here.


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