Brooklyn-based songstress Lauren Pritchard aka LOLO is quickly making a name for herself with her energetic and emotionally-charged pop-rock songs that will make you stop dead in your tracks. Her recently released debut EP, Comeback Queen, is leaving listeners speechless with her insanely powerful vocals and refreshingly loud guitar-driven anthems. If you’re into bands like The Black Keys, The Dead Weather, or new artists like Elle King, then LOLO is one new artists you definitely want to check out!



“Not Gonna Let You Walk Away” is a raw and relatable track that oozes tons of attitude and emotion. The first thing that hooked me was the beautifully lonesome-sounding electric guitar which instantly gives the track some serious edge. Her vocals take center stage as her powerful wail hits you hard again and again. It’s a simple song that proves a set of pipes and a guitar is all you need sometimes. If you’re not impressed after hearing this track, then something is wrong with you. Hey-- I’m just being honest.



The title track from her new EP, “Comeback Queen,” is an energetic retro-influenced rock song with an awesomely soulful twist. A shuffling beat, funky bass line, and some awesomely unexpected organ playing sucks you in to the heart of the track right away, proving that she’s leaving no room for filler on this sassy track. Things briefly calm down as palm-muted guitar chugs along as she unapologetically declares “I’m a movie star If I wanna be,” hinting that things are building into something big. As the track continues, you’re hit with more of her encouraging lyrics that will make you want to hit replay right away. If for some crazy reason “Not Gonna Let You Walk Away” didn’t grab your attention, then “Comeback Queen” simply demands it.



“Golden Year” is an encouraging and catchy pop song that both you and your P!nk-loving mom can jam out to (which is always a good thing, right?). This one is a little more relaxed than the previous tracks in this post, but it still captures her infectious energy and knack for writing catchy and memorable lyrics.

Head on over to LOLO’s Facebook page and leave her some comments full of love and support! And if you need even more awesome new music to brighten up your day, click here.

Comeback Queen is out now on DCD2 Records.

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