Danish noise-pop ensemble Lowly (stylized l o w l y, if you want to be fancy about it) are still pretty new as they only formed in 2014, but they’ve already solidified a unique static-heavy sound that’s both dreamy and exciting. Mixing a blend of hazy electronic elements, raw percussion, sparkling guitars, and enchanting female vocals, they’re adding something completely fresh to the lo-fi indie genre. If you’re into bands like Tame Impala, Arcade Fire, or even Radiohead, I highly recommend giving Lowly a chance!



“Forward” is a wonderfully airy and echoey track, which slowly eases you in to their unique sound. About 40 seconds in everything begins to take off with a quick and clicky beat and haunting bass, before really kicking off after the 1:15 mark where you’re hit with a flurry of buzzing electronics that continue to evolve throughout the track’s duration. It’s a magical, static-filled 3 and a half minutes that I can’t help but love.



Their new single “Stones In The Water” doesn’t mess around with a build up—before you know it, you’re being thrown into urgent pounding drums, shakers, and hazy vocals. The track is packed full of moments worth mentioning, like how it gets perfectly weird after 1 minute in with 8-bit sounding bass-synths and after 2 minutes in when you’re met with dizzying electronic elements. It’s perfectly strange and packed with sounds that are simply awesome.



“Daydreamers” is the perfect title for this super magical and dreamy track. It begins with sparkling guitars, big vocals, and subtle bass that eases in and out as drums are introduced while everything continues to evolve. It gets even more magical-sounding as the track continues, like after the 3:10 mark when the electronics take on a vibe reminiscent of Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade (well, at least that's what popped into my mind anyway) which serves as the perfect ending. It's definitely one of my favorite songs of theirs.

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