Riding the line between ethereal electronic music and folk, Lulacruza are something quite special and unique. Their songs are deep and brooding, nearly shamanic, pulling you deeper and deeper into a soothing electro-folk wormhole. The South American duo use indigenous folk instruments like the Colombian cuatro, the charango and the boom leguero, yet couple them with modern electronic processing and sequencing. This duo is certainly unlike anything out there right now, combining the old world and the new world in a brand new way. 



Laguinta is the lead track off the duo’s new album, ORCA. The album was produced in the Pacific Northwest from frequent Nicolas Jaar collaborator, Vance Galloway. The album has been released on The Polish Ambassador’s Jumpsuit Records. Laguinta song is haunting and constantly building. It feels meditative, drawing you deeper and deeper into singer Alejandra Ortiz’s ritualistic daze.



My fiancee is constantly looking for music to do yoga and meditate to. When I played her Lulacruza she absolutely lost her mind. Their electronic beats, coupled with the world music instrumentation and vocalization were just too much for her. These songs are just too good; you can truly close your eyes and get lost in their music.



The duo released a documentary in 2011 entitled Esperanto El Tsunami, exploring Columbian music and culture where “Lulacruza traveled through Columbia making music with the wind, water and the land. These videos were recorded with live sound, documenting the music born from these musical encounters.” This is the full VISUAL ALBUM from that documentary. It has such beauty and rawness and gives a completely breath-taking view of the country. There truly is nothing else like this.

The duo is heading out on tour this summer and can be seen across the North and South West. Check them out at one of their eighteen dates below and see the magic that Lightning in a Bottle, Decibel Festival and Envision Festival have already been blessed with.

Lulacruza tour 2015

I’m sure it will be magical.


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