It’s not everyday that a new artist can instantly captivate you with just one listen, but that is just what singer-songwriter Mafalda has done with her brand new track, “Don’t Let Go.” The London-native now works out of New York and Boston, where she is quickly gaining a following with her smoky vocals and dreamy dark-pop sound. For fans of artists like BANKS, Cvrches, or even M83, this is one new artist you do not want to pass up!



“Don’t Let Go” is her latest offering, and its slow-building intro will instantly give you chills as you anticipate whats coming next. Softly soaring keys carry her silky smooth croon up until the powerful and hard-hitting chorus that first hits just after the 1:00 mark. “Don’t let go/ don’t let go” she begs as powerful, echoey drums and sparkling atmospherics make for a dramatic and attention-demanding chorus that will stick with you long after you’re done listening. My favorite moment comes at the 2:46 mark when pulsating synths and ghostly “ahhhs” cause the intensity to grow and grow, until finally breaking back into the beautiful chorus for one last time. It’s a solid song from beginning to end that embodies the perfect balance of sounding mature yet catchy at the same time, and it’s bound to attract some well-deserved attention. We here at BitCandy can’t get enough!

Since I’m sure you’re now wanting to find out more about Mafalda and when she releases new material, go over to her Facebook page and give her a “like!” (Come on, let’s help her get to 500!) And if you need even more BitCandy-filtered new music in your life, click here.


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