If 17 year-old Maggie Lindemann looks a bit familiar, that’s probably because she has already created a name for herself thanks to her wildly popular Instagram account. But the new singer-songwriter is quickly proving that she has a lot more to offer, having moved from Texas to L.A. to pursue her music career full-time. Her captivating dark-pop sound and Lana Del Rey-reminiscent vocals make for some insanely catchy songs that are sure to place her among awesome female artists like Halsey and Lorde. Read on to discover your soon to be favorite pop artist, Maggie Lindemann.



“Knocking On Your Heart” is simply downbeat pop music at its finest— Soaring atmospherics, melancholy piano, and a totally clever heartbeat-inspired beat kick things off. You can hear emotion pour from her vocals as she sings heartbreaking yet relatable lines like “tell me I’m the one and I’ve always been,” and “…nights turned into weeks, turned into months, we didn’t speak,” making for a catchy lovesick song that you’ll come back to again and again.



Her second single, “Couple of Kids,” is a piano-driven pop track with vocal melodies and lyrics that are completely enchanting. At times, especially during the verses, I get some serious post-1989 Taylor Swift vibes and I totally love it. Subtle electronic elements and soaring strings add to the track’s intensity, while making the perfectly dramatic chorus hit even harder once you get to the 0:47 mark when she sings “we’re just a couple of kids/ sneaking away for a kiss.” After hearing both this track and “Knocking On Your Heart,” it’s clear that she has a knack for writing well-crafted and relatable lyrics that will stick you long after you listen.

If you’d like even more of Maggie, keep an eye on her SoundCloud page in hopes she will release more material very soon! And if you need even more awesome new music to tide you over, click here for BitCandy-filtered goodness.



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