Every once in a while we get a reminder that Calabasas, CA has more to offer besides the Kardashians and pretty much every annoying celebrity ever (Bieber, Cyrus, etc). In this case, singer/songwriter/producer Marz Leon is that reminder, proving she has what it takes to be the next big thing. Her vocals are soulful and brooding, which compliment her slow burning, bass-heavy electropop that is great for fans of Banks or even Lorde. It’s hard to believe she’s not a music industry veteran, due to her polished sound and beautiful production on her new EP, “L O N E R.”



The title track, “L O N E R,” captured my attention instantly with its deep and wobbly synths. Her vocals are deep yet breathy, singing “I forget everything I’ve ever done before you/ Baby cuz you love me more.” This was the first track of hers that I heard, and I could quickly tell that most of her lyrics would be dramatic and just plain good.



“Fire” is a slow, ambient track with percussions that sound as if you’re listening to this song underwater. With lyrics like, “you speak words of I love you but you fuck like you hate me/ So come and take me,” it’s a very passionate and dark love song making it’s ambient, underwater-vibe a perfect match. Around the 3:15 mark time sounds as if it’s standing still while the music slows for the remainder of the track. With most of the SoundCloud comments being “so chill” and “the strongest,” I think it’s safe to say that this is a very soothingly relaxing track that keeps your interest at the same time. Plus the video is just as intense, focusing on Marz and her professionally sculpted eyebrows singing into the camera.



“King” features soft and echoey drums that really drive the track. You can hear the emotion in her vocals as she sings, “when you’re gone it gets cold,” and even in the way she repeatedly sings “ahh ah ah” over nothing but the beat. Sometimes you don’t need a bunch of words to convey emotions, and Leon proves it here.

Since I’m sure she’s convinced you by now that she deserves success, show her some love and “like” her Facebook page (I can’t believe she has under 1,000 likes! Let’s help her out). For more BitCandy-approved new music, click here

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