Sandra Frederiksen, aka Mendoza, has already made a name for herself in her hometown of Copenhagen, but now the singer-songwriter is about to take America by storm with her intriguing blend of bubblegum pop vocals and gloomy electropop sound. Mendoza grew up around the dark side of club life and it totally comes out in her debut single, “Love Druggie (Addict).” Her sugary sweet talk-sing vocal style compliments the pulsating synths and moody feel perfectly, which brings something totally fresh to the electronic dance genre. For fans of both bubblegum pop music and gloomier electro, we highly recommend you check out this promising new artist that we cannot get enough of.



My first impression of her debut song “Love Druggie (Addict)” was that it’s really really good… and that it kind of sounds like Selena Gomez’ 2013 hit, “Slow Down,” but if it took a darker and way better turn. The track’s beginning leads you in slowly as she croons, “I’m too broken to be hurt/ and I don’t know if it’s worth it” before hi-hat hits come in to lead you to the beat that hits just before the 1:00 mark. You quickly discover that Mendoza has a way with words as many lyrics seem to jump out and grab onto you. One of my personal favorites has to be the line, “why do you want me/ when everything I do repulses everything in you?,” because it shows that the song comes from a more original and relatable place than your usual love song. I love the bridge that hits around the 2:15 mark as soaring synths eventually drop off leaving nothing but her vocals and an urgent straight-forward beat. Over all, it’s a ridiculously catchy electropop song with just enough of a gloomy darkness to it to keep you coming back for more.

Since I’m sure you now have this song on repeat and you can’t wait to find out what Mendoza releases next, keep with her on her Facebook page and give her some new likes!

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