Brighton-based duo MIAMIGO first grabbed our attention over a year ago with their catchy debut single, “Opinions.” But now they’re back with their debut EP, Hard To Love, that’s packed with infectious stadium-sized synth pop that is perfect for fans of bands like The Killers, The Faint, or even Walk The Moon. If you feel like your life is lacking some wonderfully moody synth pop (but let's face it—can you ever really get enough?), then read on to discover your favorite new duo, MIAMIGO.



“Hard To Love” begins with a bouncy bass line that chugs along as synths and moody vocals slowly draw you in. Before you know it, you’re hit with a seriously explosive chorus that seems to come out of nowhere that’s packed with huge-sounding drums, euphoric synths, and raucous guitars. The strong vocals pack a powerful pop punch with lyrics about struggling with social situations, making for a easily relatable track that will keep you moving.



Their latest single, “Irreversible,” takes a slightly different direction as it features constant hand claps and a whisper-heavy vocal style that oozes attitude. Dark and groovy bass lines, hi-hat-infused drum beats, and sparkling electric guitars give the track some edge, while the ever-changing vocals steal the spotlight as they shift between broodingly deep and a stylish falsetto. My favorite part has to be the synth-infused bridge that hits just after the 2:25 mark, before a reverb-heavy, clap-infused breakdown steers you back into the slow-grooving chorus. It’s a great follow up to “Hard To Love” that you’ll totally get hooked on.

If you loved what you heard and want to find more from MIAMIGO, then head over to their Facebook page and give them a “like!” (they’re so close to hitting 1,000…let’s help them get there!). And in the mean time, click here for even more awesome BitCandy-approved new music.

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