Southern California-based new artist Michl has only been making music since earlier this year, but his debut track, “Kill Our Way To Heaven,” has us eager for what he'll bring us in 2016. The singer-songwriter’s emotive vocals, passionate lyrics and intricate production make him fitting for fans of popular indie-electronic artists like Bastille, Disclosure, or The Neighbourhood, while he still embodies a striking sound that is all his own. Turn down the lights, grab your head phones, and get cozy as we bring you his very first offering, “Kill Our Way To Heaven.”



Michl’s soulful and seductive vocals pull you by the hand as pulsating electronics set up the track’s chill-inducing vibe. The smooth-grooving infectious chorus first hits after the 0:45 mark as snaps and bass-heavy beats serve as the perfect backdrop to his passionate and trembling vocals while he sings the lines, “we would sell anything just to buy who we’re not/ any cost/ we kill our way to heaven.” Just after the 2:40 mark lonesome electric guitar chords give the track an emotional and eerie touch before quickly bringing you back into the chorus. It’s a promising and well-crafted debut single that you could easily imagine being played in heavy rotation on alternative radio.

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And last but not least, we’d like to send a shout out to BitCandy Curator, Duffster, for sharing this amazing new artist with us!


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