Milk & Bone are the newest Canadian electro pop duo that you should just start paying attention to now (because you know we’re always right like that) rather than in a year when they’re playing the undercard of every single American festival and you’re like, “who’s Milk & Bone?” and we’re all like, “TOLDYASO!” Check it. Laurence Lafond-Beauine and Camille Poliquin are two absolutely gorgeous women (why is this important?) who make even more gorgeous electro pop (Oh, I see it now). Their sound is as influenced by the haunting minimalism of Bjork and Zola Jesus as they are by the lush future bass production of Flume. You never know which set of sounds you’re going to get because these ladies are inventive as fuck and clearly understand how to make a song POP whichever way they choose. Their album Little Mourning drops on March 17th, but if you pre-order you get the three single below for free. So to quote the Sugarhill Gang, “Jump on it.” This find is brought to us by BitCandy curator Callmeary who you can thank personally at or in the comments below.



The girls got a Vimeo staff pick before their album even drops. Vimeo knows what's up. But then again, I’d want to look at their beautiful faces sing these beautiful songs to me in beautiful HD Black & White as well. Their saddened faces make this emotional song all the more true, helping me really feel the deep emotions they’re trying to convey here. As the production ramps up, so does the video— changing the stark minimalism of both song and video for something far more complex and special. I like the line these girls ride.



This is such a sadly beautiful love song, conveyed through metaphors that we all can absolutely relate to. Their lyrics are quite clever, helping the listener feel like they are being swooned by the girls. Like New York, minimal production highlights the girls' beautiful voices when it needs to and splits off into something bigger and more electronic effectively as hell to keep their music ever-changing and full of modern soul.



Here is the most straight-forward pop song from the Milk & Bone girls. This shows their range as singer-songwriters. While "Coconut Water" is just as slow and patient as "Pressure" and "New York," the synthy production is a bit more amped up here to compliment the banging hooks they have on this track. Any of these songs could be their break out, but my money is on this one.


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