Austin-native Matthew Brue, aka Missio (Latin for “mission”), is gaining attention with his haunting vocals and what he defines as his “cinematic/alt-electro” sound. His mellow, down-tempo style is packed with dramatic soundscapes that mix beautifully with his heartfelt lyrics, making for a completely blissful listening experience.



Get comfortable and prepare to drift off into a daydream while listening to Missio’s ethereal single, “I Run To You.” The track is off to a cinematic start with mystical electronic elements that subtly build over time. His haunting vocals soar over a slow clap-filled beat as he delivers emotional lines like “I’d wait for you/ don’t quit on me,” making for a beautiful and touching track. I love what happens after the 2:35 mark when you think you’re being eased towards the ending before things quickly pick back up again with dramatic atmospherics, causing things to end on a powerful and memorable note.



Remember The Cranberries? Pfft...of course you do! Missio covered their chart-topping single “Zombie” and gives it an even more dramatic and chill-inducing twist that is perfectly him. Featuring static-heavy beats, melancholy keys and his signature croon, it’s a darkly gorgeous cover that you’ll keep wanting to come back to. Things really take off after about three minutes in as thundering drums and space-age arpeggios guide you towards the ending.



“Monsters” is the perfect example of what he means when he describes his sound as “cinematic” while also being a bit on the experimental side. Beginning with distant atmospherics and uplifting piano, you’ll instantly be consumed by its blissful vibe. The track features layered vocals, pounding drums, and perfectly placed electronic elements that make for a well-crafted love ballad that shows off his range and knack for production.

Shoutout to our awesome Curator, Becks, for sharing this great new artist with us! Since I’m sure you loved what you heard and want more from Missio, “like” his Facebook page and give him some love and support. And if you need even more BitCandy-approved new music in your life, head on over here.



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