There is a lot of awesome new music coming out of Sydney right now, but new producer/vocalist Daniel Cartisano, aka MK Grands, has really grabbed our attention with his sensual vocal style and dream-inducing instrumentals. His use of moody atmospherics and dramatically dark elements create mature and hypnotic soundscapes that you can’t help but get lost in, which makes him one of our favorite new chill out artists. For fans of anyone from Explosions In The Sky to Bon Iver, we highly recommend that you read on to discover why we here at BitCandy can’t get enough of the genre-breaking music of MK Grands.



“Hold You Down” is one of his latest releases, and it’s a tense and awesomely icy track that instantly sucks you in. From the second it starts, the intensity begins to build as eerie atmospherics, glitchy electronics, and a dark pulsating beat draw you in to the heart of the track. Everything winds to a dramatic halt after the 3:20 mark as a whirlwind of sparkling synths come in to keep the mood heightened until the end of its duration, as he continues to croon, “I don’t want to hold you down.”



“The Lake” starts off in a perfectly menacing fashion as melancholy synths and unsettling bursts of electronics make you feel like you’re trapped in a underwater haunted mansion. Once his ghostly falsetto hits after the 1:13 mark, eventually dark atmospherics and lonesome piano notes are sprinkled in to make for one awesomely spooky yet beautifully crafted track.



“Just remembering what is true in this life…” Cartisano states in his SoundCloud description of his song “Ancestors,” which seems appropriate once you begin to drift off into it’s dreamy and relaxing vibe. Coming in at just over two minutes in length, it’s a soothing instrumental that is easily one of my favorites. It slowly begins to pick up a bit just before the 1:00 mark, as hints of shiny synths, silky vocals, and a slow-grooving beat come in to switch things up. It’s the perfect track to put on when you need to wind down and forget your troubles.

We’d like to thank Curator, Golden Wolf, for sharing this amazing new artist with us!

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