Singer-songwriter Jessica Cerro first began making a name for herself with her upbeat indie pop music back in 2012, but now the Sydney-based songstress is back with a whole new persona— and she’s not messing around. Now going under the name Montaigne, she is turning heads everywhere with her quirky sound and playful vocal melodies that are seriously impressive. She’s currently busy promoting her debut EP, Life of Montaigne, that we here at BitCandy are totally obsessed with! If you’re into acts like the Arcade Fire and Regina Spektor, or you’ve simply got a thing for noteworthy lyrics and amazing songwriting, then read on to discover your favorite new artist, Montaigne.



From the second the first line comes out of her mouth, “I’m A Fantastic Wreck” demands your full attention from start to finish. Her vocals are seriously impressive on this track, as the layers and lyrics are simply infectious. With lines like, “and if I’m a little bit deranged/ would you not strange me/ or change me?,” making it a song that is both romantic and charmingly self-deprecating at the same time. The instrumentation slowly builds as bass, lightly plucked guitar, and drums are introduced one by one which complements her layered vocals perfectly. After the 2:30 mark, things take an unexpected turn when marching drums, soaring strings, and even some horns get thrown in to make for a truly impressive grand finale. There is no way to listen to this song and not be blown away. Plus, the video is pretty awesome too!



“I Am Not An End” is another track that is also totally worth checking out as it’s packed with playful instrumentation and some more attention-grabbing lyrics. Guitar, quirky beats, and classical piano carry the track throughout its duration, while her vocals take on a beautifully wild melody that you’ll instantly become obsessed with and want to come back to.

Since I’m positive you’re totally craving more from Montaigne, give her some more likes on her Facebook page and tell her that her pals over at BitCandy say “hi!”. And lastly, if you need even more awesome new music in your life, head on over here.


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