I know there’s a never ending supply of synth-pop acts popping up all over the world right now, but you’ll have to admit that it’s a fun genre so a never ending supply isn’t exactly a bad thing. This time Los Angeles is adding to the supply with synth-pop trio Mood Robot, who describe themselves as “keeping it fresh and not giving a hoot.” Fair enough. Consisting of Alex Kazenoff, Ben Kazenoff (brothers perhaps?) and Kelly Mickel on vocals, these guys are making a splash with their new self-titled EP that’s packed with 80’s inspired synths and pop melodies that are simply infectious. If you’re anything like me and are a fan of female-led synth bands like Metric, Chvrches, or Shiny Toy Guns, this is one band you will definitely want to check out!



“Stupid Cowboy” totally reminds me of something Garbage would’ve released in the 1990’s (more specifically, “Stupid Girl”…wait a minute, the song is called “Stupid Cowboy!”…hmm) so I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much. Featuring an 80’s-inspired drum machine beat, wobbly bass, and soaring synths, it’s a smooth track that’s less on the dancey side and more on the sassy side. Kelly’s vocals are a perfect fit as she sings, “boots out, guns out, saddle and all/ You’re riding far away from the things that make you small,” you’ll quickly be humming along.



“Singin’ Like I’m Crazy” features a chorus that will get stuck in your head and chances are, you probably wont mind. With lyrics like, “I wish that I could hold your hand/ So we can start our own rock band,” it’s ridiculously cute and around the 2:44 mark there's a synth breakdown that sounds equally as cute. I’m always down for a cheesy, catchy pop song so I totally loved this one.



“One Eyed Butterfly” is a brooding slow burner full of wobbly bass, electronic beats, and spacey synths that create a delightfully moody sound. “Is there something wrong with me?/ Will you come home to me?” Kelly pleads until the track is over, making it a desperate and dark love song.

Since I’m sure you loved these guys and their awesome sound, let’s help them get some more Facebook likes (they don’t even have 200 yet! This must change) and tell ‘em your pals over at BitCandy say hi! To satisfy even more of your new music needs, click here.

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