Peter Dougherty is a Chicago-based producer who’s been making music under the moniker Moon Boots since 2011 and as his name would suggest, he’s been busy creating some awesomely space-age tracks that we can’t get enough of. He lists his influences as Moon Zappa and Bootsy Collins (see what he did there?) and he lives up to his intergalactic name by creating blissful instrumentals that are packed with sparkling and technical electronics, blasts of synths, and intricate beats.



“Utopia” was the first track of his that I heard, and I fell in love right away. He teamed up with Brooklyn-based vocalist Janelle Kroll on this one, and it’s a groovy space-age track that you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again. Kroll’s infectious vocals are the perfect fit, while the futuristic instrumental hits you with everything from bubbly electronics to pulsating beats that will get you grooving in no time. It’s smooth, sexy, and simply intoxicating.



“Red Sky” is one of his latest releases, and it’s a wonderfully eerie track that’s packed with ghostly vocal samples, shuffling beats, and futuristic electronic elements that carry the track throughout its 6 minute duration. The track evolves as it goes through slight transformations to keep things interesting. I personally love what happens after the 3:40 mark when hypnotizing synths take over and lead you into the dizzying beat and fuzzy, retro-inspired blips and bloops. The synths on this track definitely stand out and make me feel like I’m stuck somewhere in between the future and a 8-bit video game.



“There’s No Love” is a mystical sounding disco-inspired track that is simply magical. Things really take off after the 1:35 mark when the wonderfully funky bass is introduced along with shimmering blasts of synths and smooth-grooving vocals. Every element in this track is pure magic and we highly suggest you check it out.

If you’d like to hear more from Moon Boots, visit his Facebook page and show him some support! And if you need even more awesome BitCandy-approved new music in your life, click here.


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