In January of 2013, Vienna-based duo MÖWE blossomed out of sheer boredom and members Mel and Clem have been making infectious deep house music ever since. Their wonderfully feel-good sound is packed with shimmery synths, uplifting lyrics, playful beats and plenty of tropical elements that give their songs major replay-ability. If you’re looking for music that’s ridiculously catchy, well produced, and that is sure to put you in a good mood, then MÖWE is definitely one new duo you don’t want to pass up.



“Chasing Clouds” is a totally blissful house track with a bouncy tropical feel. Lyrics like “let the sun put a smile on your face” will instantly wash your troubles away, as a bouncy beat and playful electronics keep you moving. More synths and memorable lyrics come in like “moon and the stars remind me of good times, yeah/ and I’ll let them roll with me/ let them roll,” which you’ll totally be singing for the rest of the day. It’s simply a super fun track that you’ll want to keep coming back to whenever you need a quick pick me up.



“Birds Flying High” serves as the perfect soundtrack for taking a late night car ride in the warm summer air. The track samples Nina Simone’s 1965 hit, “Feeling Good,” and begins with her vocals as warm synths, shakers, and snaps are introduced. Just after the 1:00 mark when you think the track is going to take off, things briefly calm down with some soothing electric guitar before finally getting into the groove. The duo keeps their tropical theme going with playful steel drums that will leave you yearning for a island vacation.

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