Although the internet usually holds the answer to any question you could think of (well, I wouldn’t trust Yahoo Answers), it’s not uncommon to stumble upon projects that are so new there is barely any information about them at all. But with Mt. Si, there is already a lot of positive buzz circulating around their two, beautifully produced tracks that magically appeared on the internet in June. All we know so far about this mysterious new artist (or artists?) is that they have a dreamy, electronic pop sound that features soft female vocals that tie the whole thing together perfectly. Oh, and if you have $1,000 laying around, you can buy their corrupt hard drive on their Bandcamp page that contains all of their recordings. It might sound crazy, but after hearing their music you might just consider it.



Even their song titles are simple and mysterious, and I’m totally into it. “Oh” is a dream-like electro-pop track that will stay with you longer after you listen to it, unlike a lot of tracks from the genre that are popping up lately. I’m really digging the percussion in this track, featuring organic sounding cymbals and shakers that compliment the electronic elements wonderfully. The song slowly builds, and around 2:20, the song really takes off and consumes you. It’s definitely one of my favorite new tracks.



“True” is a bubbly-sounding, enchanting love song featuring synths and electronic elements that will completely consume you whether you like it or not. The vocals are lovely and I really wish I could put a face to them, although it might be best to keep it a mystery. It’s not as poppy as “Oh”, which shows that these guys (or singular person) have a true grasp on the sound they are going for and they know what they are doing when it comes to both song writing and production. I’m completely smitten.

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before either these guys come forward or someone cracks the case and finds out their back story, but until then keep your eyes and ears out for more Mt. Si on their SoundCloud page.

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