After disappearing from the music world for nearly a year, London-based indie group Mt. Wolf is back with their triumphant comeback EP, Red. Although, you’re probably like us and you didn’t even know they were gone or in existence in the first place. But that’s okay—they’re back and better than ever with a sound that's packed with soft melodies, heavenly vocals, and plenty of atmospherics that keep you in a blissful dreamlike state. If you’re into dreamy indie artists like Bon Iver, Sigur Ros, or even more pop-like acts like The Postal Service, Mt. Wolf is definitely worth checking out.



“Red” begins with barely audible guitar strums that force the listener to give them their undivided attention. Things quickly begin to increase in volume along with subtle atmospherics, lush vocals, and an echoey beat. Once the chorus hits the vocals become truly heavenly as they soar over pounding drums and sparkling electronic elements. Acoustic guitar eases you out of the track as they sing, “I’m going to wait for a long time,” making for a completely blissful ending.



“Hamburg” has a gorgeous build up featuring softly thumping drums, sparkling guitars, and calming atmospherics before the moving falsetto vocals hit. The song takes a surprising turn after the 1:45 mark when you’re hit with a fast-paced ticking beat and claps, before continuing to morph again into a booming atmospherics, more guitars, and subtle electronic elements that create a dreamlike and well-crafted track.



“VIII” features lovely vocals from Alexa Harley and it’s a totally epic four and a half minutes. Beginning with her haunting vocals, the track slowly introduces ghostly atmospherics, softly strummed acoustic guitar, and subtle electronic elements. After about 1 minute in things pick up with intriguing percussion and stronger vocals.

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