23-year-old Nicole Dollanganger is totally on her way to becoming the next big thing in the indie music world. The Toronto-based singer/songwriter is turning heads with her sugar sweet child-like vocals and stripped down lo-fi instrumentation, that makes for a ghostly yet hypnotizing vibe that you’ll have to hear to understand. Rumor has it that Grimes started her Eerie Organization just so she could put out Dollanganger’s new album, Natural Born Losers, and it totally makes sense why Grimes would love her once you hear her spooky-cool sound.



Her latest single “Angels of Porn (II)” is quickly gaining attention with its stripped down and unsettling vibe that is strangely intoxicating. Featuring nothing but fuzzy lo-guitars and her hazy little-girl vocals, her lyrics are packed with a ton of raw and visual lyrics that catch you off guard. Lyrics like “your fingers up inside of me feel like fingers down my throat” and “great lakes of cum extracted from everyone” definitely stand out, but it all somehow works together beautifully. This VHS-quality video is also strangely hypnotic, as it features a bunch of punk dudes eating ice cream in a park. (Just watch it, okay?)



“Mean” is a beautifully soothing song that’s packed with swelling atmospherics and distant-sounding guitar that slowly builds along with the song. Her echoey vocals truly shine on this track, as she sings “there’s nothing you could do to me I wouldn’t do to myself.” The track’s intensity builds after the 2:00 mark as the guitar slowly becomes more prominent while menacing electronics continue to swell until a beat hits you out of nowhere after the 3:11 mark. It’s simply a solid song with an interesting song structure that I totally love.



I bet you’ve never heard My Chemical Romance’s “Helena” like this before— She manages to completely transform the song into an echoey and almost angelic song that feels like you’re trapped in a dream. Layered vocals amp up the ghostly factor while barely-there keys make for an almost heavenly experience.

To keep up with Nicole and to check out more of her music, follow her on her SoundCloud page. And if you need even more awesome BitCandy-approved new music, head on over here.


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