After first starting out her music career singing soul and R&B, Sweden’s Ninsun Poli reinvented herself as a groundbreaking electropop artist when she released last year’s Breaking Rules. But after opening for artists like Brandon Flowers, she’s back with a brand new EP called Great Leap Forward that’s packed with crazy synths, positive lyrics, and theatrical vocals that make for a truly original and amazing sound that we can’t get enough of. If that sounds awesome to you, then read on to see why this new artist is taking Scandinavian electropop to a whole other level.



Her latest track, “Great Leap Forward,” totally caught me off guard. Beginning with fuzzy synths, things really take off just before the 1 minute mark when the wonderfully euphoric chorus hits that’s packed with sweeping strings and powerful vocals that demand your attention. The song features a ton of uplifting lyrics like “don’t you know there’s light just around the corner/ from the narrow windows inside your mind,” making it a track you’ll want to come back to again and again.



“Breaking Rules” is the title track off of her previous EP, and it’s another totally enjoyable track that will instantly lift your mood. Pulsating synths and ever changing drum beats make it feel like the track is in a continuous state of growth, which works wonderfully in keeping you at the edge of your seat. Much like “Great Leap Forward,” she has some awesome lyrics in this song too like “no matter what I do, I’m running free tonight,” which she sings just after the 3 minute mark as the track breaks into an electronic whirlwind.

Like what you heard? Of course you do! So go over to Ninsun Poli’s Facebook page and show her some love and support. And if you need even more awesome new music in your life, then click here.



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