NLSN has got quite the emotive future-house tune on his hands and We Are: The Guard are absolutely in love with the positive sense of emotions and endearing self-love laid all over this deep house track. It’s meant to inspire you to fall in love with the you you are and we are now madly in love with the us that us be.



I’m pretty sure that a face tattoo is the ultimate status symbol. The ultimate “I don’t need to give a fuck anymore” symbol there could ever be. I want one, but only when I’m at the point where I can afford to not give a fuck anymore. With a face tattoo, you can’t get most jobs, everyone looks at you different, you terrify children — but damn you look cool, secure in your decision to mar your moneymaker. While I’m hopeful NLSN is down with my cause, I also believe he had a slightly different intention when this song was written. This groovy gem seems to be about wearing your emotions on your sleeve EVEN MORE SO as a tattoo on your face. Woah. Metaphors on metaphors. This melancholic future pop song just needs a feature from Lil Wayne (Lil Wayne Remix) and it can have my meaning and NLSN’s at the same damn time. Of course this version carries a lot more weight meaning than my stupid dreams of not having to work a normal job and thus being able to get my name tattooed on my face, so just ignore me and listen to the pretty future bass, house inspired tune. 

This one was discovered by Curator J. Forest Punk, which is also incidentally the name for a punk rock frontman I’ve heard since Johnny Rotten, but of course listening to NLSN makes me think that our J. Forest ain’t as punk as I had initially hoped they were.


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