While listening to their music, it’s hard to imagine that members Brittney Shields and Cory Scott Layton used to be rivals. After leaving their two feuding bands, they teamed up to create the musical project Oh, Be Clever. The Utah-based artists have a moody yet melodic sound that will grab a hold of you instantly, which is probably why their song “River” is gaining some major attention. If you’re into catchy electronic pop acts like Bastille, The Neighbourhood, or Shiny Toy Guns, then you’ll easily fall in love with Oh, Be Clever.



“River” is a deep, dark, and sexy track that is bound to get them some mainstream attention. The track begins with singer Brittney’s infectious croon over a smooth drum beat as Cory’s guitar chugs the song along. Once the chorus first hits at the 0:45 mark, her vocals soar as she sings “lay me down in the river/ love me like I’m a sinner,” which instantly causes me to imagine this being a perfect song choice for a TV show promo. Things get wildly haunting for the bridge that hits at the 2:15 mark as Cory’s guitar takes on a echoey, mystical vibe that ends up being one of my favorite parts of the song. It’s a solid single that you can’t help but love.



“Paint Me Gold” is a super catchy radio-ready electronic pop hit that would fit perfectly on alternative radio. A heart-pounding drum beat eases you in to the track, before the electrifying chorus hits just after 30 seconds in that’s packed with blasts of synths and Brittney’s hard-hitting vocals declaring “you are the one.” Intensity builds about half way through as keys and a dizzying hi-hat filled beat hit you after the 2:00 mark, before a stripped down piano break prepares you to be thrown back into the heart of it all.

Since I’m sure you loved what you heard, go on over to their Facebook page to see when they’re touring in your neck of the woods so you can show them some love! And if you need even more new music in your life, click here.



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