Otherkin may only have one song, “Ay Ay,” available at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped them from stirring up some major buzz with their infectious garage-pop sound. The Dublin, Ireland-based four piece has already made a name for themselves with their invigorating live performances and have gained praises from tons of music blogs and even NME magazine. It’s clear these guys are on their way to something big, and we’re here to bring them to you early so you can be ahead of the game! If you’re into roaring riffs, awesomely bratty vocals (think bands like The Hives or The Vines), or crave a loud and fuzzy sound, then Otherkin may just be your favorite new band.



“Ay Ay” is the guys’ break out single, and once you listen it’s easy to understand why they’re gaining everyone’s attention, as it includes all of the necessary ingredients of a solid garage rock track— Fuzzy riffs, prominent bass lines, uplifting drum beats and bratty vocals keep the energy high throughout the track’s less than 3-minute duration, which leaves no room for filler. Once the chorus kicks in about one minute in, you’ll instantly be humming along to the “ay ay’s” like it’s an old familiar song. I can easily see this track being picked up for a car commercial or movie trailer montage, as it contains that “it” factor that so many indie bands strive for these days. “Ay Ay” is simply a fun and catchy single that served its purpose as a debut because it will leave you wanting more.

Since I’m sure you’re like me and can’t wait for what the guys release next, show them your love and support by “liking” their Facebook page! And while you’re at it, maybe urge them to hurry up and give us some more material (just kidding…kind of). In the meantime, click here for even more BitCandy-approved new music!



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