Melbourne-based new artist Owen Rees, aka Owen Rabbit, is quickly gaining praise with his soulful electronica meets R&B sound. According to his Facebook page, the multi-instrumentalist creates sounds using anything from matches to bottles that serve as an innovative addition to the obvious synthesizers and guitars. He’s been busy sending chills down his listeners’ spines with his latest track “Holy Holy” (which also seems to be his only currently available track) as it’s jam packed with emotion and wonderfully fuzzy electronics. Once you listen, it’s easy to see why he lists artists like James Blake, Coco Rosie, and Radiohead as influences with its fresh-sounding blend of various genres and styles.



Owen recently independently released “Holy Holy,” and it’s hard not to become hooked by his impassioned vocals and the track’s haunting production. The track begins with a fuzzy, echoey drum machine beat and dramatic synths that slowly take on a wobbly electronic feel. His vocals are very expressive and raw, and I absolutely love how they crack while he croons the line “holy/ holy water” at the 0:35 mark, letting you know he’s not hiding behind anything. Once the chorus hits just before the 1:00 mark, the mood instantly shifts with booming bass and plenty of “ahhs,” which totally remind me of the hook in Taylor Swift’s 2012-era track “Trouble” (I can't be the only person who thinks this...right?!) as sparkling electronics lead you back into the verse. My favorite moment has to be around the 2:00 mark when his vocals take on an eerie falsetto as dark and distorted synths wind to a halt before you’re briefly met with a little jazz piano.

Over all, it’s a solid track that shows off his many styles and proves that he has a bright, musical future ahead. We can’t wait to hear what’s next!

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